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K-BUG 5050 BUG-O

A  compact, stand alone pendulum weave welder for increasing weld production.

The K-BUG 5050 is a compact unit designed for use with a torch support and positioner fixture or retrofit to a carriage. This is ideal for fillet or butt joints with flat or curved profiles. Motion parameters, including weave speed, weave width, and dwell times are digitally controlled by the remote pendant control. The pendant also offers center steering and interfaces with the welding power source to control the weld contact.



Industry Proven:

  • Heavy Fabrication & Manufacturing
  • Shipyards
  • Oil & Gas Industry

Welding Applications:

  • All Position Fillets
  • Lap Joints
  • Seam Welds


  • Compact, lightweight design for ease of use
  • Independent control of dwell times from 0 – 10 seconds
  • Control box equipped with magnet
  • Torch “quick connect”
  • Weave speed and width controls
  • Modular design for a multitude of applications
  • Motor with high ratio gearbox for pendulum motion prevents torch movement when power is off
  • High speed motor for pendulum weaving
  • Programmable puddle control and crater fill times
  • Independent control of pendulum weaving right and left dwell times
  • Closed loop speed control to prevent drift from center weld position
  • Storage of motion parameters after power is turned off
  • Weld contactor on/off switch