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Programmable Pass Through Pipe Cutting Machine




The SE-2PTD is used to cut saddles, offset saddles, laterals, miter cuts and holes on pipe. A second (selectable) program is used for cutting customized shapes in pipe. Also available is Windows based software for programming. This machine can be configured for oxy-fuel, plasma or both. The SE-2PTD eliminates the need to make templates or to layout complex cuts.


  • Dual programming capabilities
  • Pass through cutting diameter from 1-4″ (25 mm to 100 mm) O.D.
  • Pipe cutting diameter when externally chucked from 4-14″ (100-355 mm) diameter
  • Pipe weight capacity of 375 lbs. (170 kg)
  • Speed range of 3.75 rpm
  • Made in USA