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In order to remain competitive in the modern industrial marketplace, manufacturers are constantly evaluating many variables in the areas of work flow, technology and productivity. In case these elements are not balanced, the overall productivity levels decrease. Businesses might be looking to expand their capacity either by investing in new machinery and equipment they do not currently possess, or by adding more technologically advanced capabilities to the already existing ones.

The most common practice is to replace older machines with newer and more advanced ones. However, this might significantly increase the cost and at the same time the differences in terms of technology and innovation might not be noteworthy. Therefore, a resolution with a clear cost/ benefit ratio, called retrofit, is exceptionally advantageous for companies.

This process is not to be perceived as a second- hand solution, but rather as a smart choice that allows both the update of an already installed machine with no further need for electrical or other adaptations, and the reorganization of any production area. In the majority of the cases, retrofit operations can improve the machine efficiency to remarkably higher levels (compared to its original state), saving up to 50% in comparison to purchasing a new machine.

Anateco’s highly skilled and trained workforce has the knowledge and capabilities you’re looking for in a manufacturing partner. The breadth of expertise we have gained through nearly 30 years of operation enables us to deliver exceptional results project after project. Anateco is capable of delivering holistic, up to date, both modular and customizable solutions for the total development of your equipment- and we can guarantee it!