Reliable solutions, for over 40 years

Procuring reliable industrial equipment solutions for metal cutting, welding and bevelling. Anateco both imports and manufactures its own machinery (Anateco Cutting Systems). 

Anateco is one of the leading companies in the supply, installation, retrofits and service of industrial equipment of most application types. It stands out for its long-standing track record in assessing, designing and procuring custom, reliable solutions to its customers.

For over 40 years, it has consistently maintained a cutting-edge, technology-driven profile, acting either as a turnkey solution provider, or as a subcontractor. It is a technical company that collaborates closely with its clients to adapt its solutions to their distinctive requirements and guarantee efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

Over 40 years of experience:

Anateco SA provides holistic services for the supply, installation and maintenance of all kinds of metal cutting machinery and other industrial equipment solutions.

Operations and support:

Our team of trained and skillful professionals is ready to provide quality services including: delivery & installation, configuration, (project management, engineering) etc.

Safety and Quality Certifications:

We are officially certified with ISO 9001, which proves that we have the experience, knowledge and skills required to successfully prevent safety violations and promote a safe working environment.

Consulting Services & Support:

We provide consulting services regarding the purchase of the appropriate product or integrated equipment systems.

Delivery & installation:

We undertake the entire process of import, customs clearance and transport.

The complete installation is carried out by our experienced team in your area.


We are with you not only for the training process of our machines but also for the quality control.

Technical Support & After Sales:

We offer lifetime technical support in various ways, both on site and remotely, but also after-sales support services.


We provide specialized technical designs and solutions from the installation to the commercialization of integrated systems for all needs.