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GRAND TIG 200 AC/DC PULSE – Lokermann

GRAND TIG 200 AC DC PULSE PFC MV is an inverter power source suitable for MMA, TIG DC and TIG AC professional welding.


Multi voltage device permits to connect the machine from 110V to 230V with auto link in single phase. P.F.C (Power Factor Corrector) reduces the harmonic current emissions and increase the power inverter efcency reducing the input current more than 20%. It permits to have higher welding current than a standard inverter using a poor supply network and permit to use a very long supplying cable or a not stabilized line. In MMA Mode Hot Start and Arc Force are adjustable in order to permit to the operator to work easily and with excellent results. Antisticking helps the welder stopping the welding current when the electrode is glued to the workpiece. In TIG DC all the main parameters are adjustable in order to obtain the best welding. TIG AC, with the possibilty to modify the waveform, permits GRAND TIG 200 AC DC PULSE PFC MV to weld easily and with great results Aluminium alloys. PULSE TIG permits high performance on ultra thin surfaces with reduced deformations. The perfect welding machine for TIG welding in medium and thin thicknesses.