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GRAND ARC 400 CEL – Lokermann

GRAND ARC 400 CEL is an heavy duty professional 3 phase inverter power source for MMA (stick) welding, MMA CELLULOSIC and Lift TIG DC applications with superb welding arc.


It is an MMA (stick) with a very high no load voltage that give very good performance with cellulosic electrodes. Hot Start and Arc Force are adjustable in order to permit to the operator to work
easily and with excellent results. Antisticking helps the welder stopping the welding current when the electrode is glued to the workpiece.
VRD system (Voltage Reduction Device) is a device used for decrease the no load voltage during the stand by to allow to work in environments where security requires limited work voltages (shipyards, oil platforms, etc).
It is equipped with temperature, voltage and current sensors for hight protection and it is designed to avoid failures due to voltage spikes as when using diesel generator. With a good duty cycle GRAND ARC 400 CEL is developed for tough working condition such as pipe line, shipbuilding, offshore, heavy carpentry and for the usage in the most extreme working environments.