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Increase Production Bevel Cutting Lightwall Pipe or Vessels!



The CB-1P is designed for cutting beveled holes in lightwall pipe or vessels. This machine is supplied with an air plasma power source (specified by customer), torch and 50′ (15 m) leads. It will cut beveled holes in light wall pipe or vessels with wall thickness up to 5/16″ (7 mm). An automatic rise and fall cam controls the torch position for saddle cut holes up to 2/3 of the work diameter. The cables and air hoses supplying the unit pass through slip rings and O-rings enabling the machine to operate continuously in either direction without cable or hose wrap up. The CB-1P must be mounted on a carriage or fixture.


  • Plasma process
  • Burning diameter of .5-12″ (13-305 mm) beveled holes
  • Must be mounted on a carriage or manipulator
  • Rise and fall cam 5″ (127 mm)
  • Application type – thin wall, small diameter pipe
  • Made in USA