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XD technology upgrade kit Hypertherm

Build the latest XD technology into your HPR260® and HPR130® system

There are a number of upgrade options for existing HPR260 and HPR130 systems that let you take advantage of the latest Hypertherm XD innovations, including PowerPierce®, True Hole®, and HDi® thin stainless steel technologies. In addition to gaining new cutting capabilities, you’ll get superior cut quality and consistency, higher productivity, lower operating costs, and enhanced reliability.


In four short hours, give your HPR® plasma cutting system a Second Life.

Customers who have upgraded reported these benefits:

  • Improved cut angularity – especially on holes
  • Improved consumable life with the greatest improvement occurring when cutting 20 to 25 mm (3/4 to 1″) mild steel at 260 amps.
  • Increased piercing capability through PowerPierce technology
  • Consistent cut quality over the life of consumables, including less spatter on the torch and shield and dross-free cutting
  • The XD torch is more robust than the standard HPR torch


Professional installation

Your Second Life XD upgrade includes an on-site visit by a trained technical service engineer from an authorized Hypertherm partner who will install the upgrade, perform necessary maintenance, adjust settings and optimize your cutting process.

Option #1 (HPR260 and HPR130 systems)

This upgrade is available for HPR260 and HPR130 systems, and includes the following enhancements:

  • PowerPierce technology for thicker piercing capability
  • New 80 amp mild steel bevel process
  • Internal Ohmic contact system
  • Improved reliability and robustness
  • True Hole™ technology enablement*

Option #2 (HPR260 and HPR130 systems)

This upgrade for HPR260 and HPR130 systems includes all of the system enhancements of Option #1, plus:

  • Improved argon marking process
  • New HPRXD Auto Gas selection console

Option #3 (HPR260 and HPR130 systems)

This is the upgrade for HPR260 and HPR130 Manual Gas systems if you wish to enable True Hole technology or the new argon marking capability. It is the same as Option #1, with the following additional requirements:

  • New Auto Gas Selection Console
  • Auto Gas Metering Console
  • New Gas Leads Assembly


* True Hole Technology requires a HyPerformance plasma HPRXD auto gas system; it also requires a True Hole enabled cutting table, nesting software, CNC, and torch height control. Consult with your table manufacturer for more details.


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