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GRAND MIG 500 PULSE – Lokermann

GRAND MIG 500 PULSE and a multiprocessed three-phase welding generator with inverter running for ELETTRODO, GOUGING, TIG DC (arc lift), MIG SINERGICO, MIG PULSATO and MIG DOPPIO PULSATO.


Robustness, simplification of use and a full cycle of work (500A to 60%) renders this welding machine versatile for both internal and external use. Intuitive and synergistic commands both in electrodes and in MIG, these generators are suitable for professional use. Inverter technology and stand-by mode make this welding machine much more efficient. The welder, with the possibility of having a motorized soldering iron for welding or a MIG DIGIT torque, allows all time-saving and washing operations with comfort. Excellent salvage performance.