Home 3D Laser Cutter and Engraver

Get Start In Less 30 Minutes

With AI vision algorithm, it can adjust to the pattern drawn on the material and automatically program the laser route without any other software! Just click the button to cut or carve!No need to manually adjust parameters.

Industrial Grade Dust Filter

The machine is equipped with compact air filter, which can clean the dust produced during the process of running. You can use the machine at home, school and office as it’s safe and pollution-free.

Cloud online Operation System

Your Gweikecloud runs from a web browser, which means there’s no software to install – ever. Drag and drop your designs right onto your material. With AI vision algorithm, it can adjust to the pattern drawn on the material and automatically program the laser route.

The cloud service system can achieve real-time detection and remote operation of intelligent devices such as desktops, tablets and mobile phones. You can also view device faults, remote after-sales and other functions through mobile phones remotely.

Safe For Children

Adopt fully enclosed structural design to give users the best protection.Products are CE-certified, FCC-certified, FDA-certified, all electronic components comply with 3C standards.

Gweike Cloud Design Catalog

Gweike Cloud provides a large number of official cases of patterns for users to download, which is very considerable, and users, without any knowledge, can use the design software incredibly make masterpieces.

Identify Material Intelligently with AI Tech

Gweike Cloud can set parameters and memorize them automatically. By identifying the ring code on the material, Gweike Cloud can obtain the thickness and type of current material directly to automatically set the parameters for prime cutting or carving such as the prime focal length, speed, power, cutting times, etc. When stepping to the next operation, the users only need to put the cutting/carving patterns on the suitable position to achieve easy shuttle.

Industry Applications


Technical Parameters

Machine modelLF3015GALF4020GALF6025GA
Laser power1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W 8000W(Optional)
Working area3000mm*1500mm4000mm*2000mm6000mm*2500mm
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.02mm
Maximum speed120m/min
Max. acceleration1.5G
Voltage and frequency380V 50Hz/60HZ