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Programmable Pipe Cutter



The MM1 is a computer controlled machine that automates the cutting of profiles, holes and shapes on pipe with diameters from 4-16″ (102-406 mm). It rotates the pipe on its roller bed with a three jaw chuck while simultaneously moving a cutting torch back and forth along the pipe’s axis. Pre-programmed shapes such as saddle, hillside, lateral and miter cuts can be made by simply selecting the type of cut from the menu, then entering the diameters of the pipes being processed and pressing the run button to cut your pipe. Also available is Windows based software for programming.


  • Available for oxy-fuel or plasma process
  • Cutting diameter of 4-16″ (100-406 mm)
  • Eliminates the need for templates, layouts or calculations
  • Can cut pipe lengths from 3-38″ (76 mm -11.6 m)
  • Speed is .2-3 rpm
  • Pre-programmed shapes such as saddle, offset saddles, laterals, miter cuts, and holes can be made
  • Irregular shapes can be plotted, programmed and saved for future use
  • Made in USA