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Carry up to 64 kg vertically with this Complete Welding System!


Bug-O offers a Modular Drive System with more than double the standard carrying capacity. The High Capacity MDS can carry up to 140 lbs. (64 kg) vertically, and is compatible with all standard MDS components. Driven by customer demand, we followed through with research and development to meet our customers’ needs for greater carrying capacity, durability, and strength. Now you can utilize the complete MDS family without investing in twice the product. The High Capacity MDS provides the required power to carry the feeder, wire, and cables to mobilize the complete welding system.


  • One complete traveling welding platform
  • Capable of carrying up to 140 lbs. (64 kg.) vertically (rating includes a 100% safety factor)
  • Larger diameter, 1.125″ (28.5 mm) chrome moly pinion
  • Compatible with all standard MDS components
  • Allows for all inclusive welding process application (Bug-O tractor, suitcase feeder, wire and all electrical connections)
  • Made in USA