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GRAND TIG 400 AC/DC PULSE – Lokermann

GRAND TIG 400 AC DC PULSE is a three phase inverter power source suitable for TIG AC/DC and MMA welding.


In MMA Mode Hot Start and Arc Force are adjustable in order to permit to the operator to work easily and with excellent results. Antisticking helps the welder stopping the welding current when the electrode is glued to the workpiece. In TIG DC all the main parameters are adjustable in order to obtain the best welding. TIG AC, with the possibilty to modify the waveform, allows GRAND TIG 400 AC DC PULSE to weld easily and with great results Aluminium alloys from thin to very thick thicknesses. PULSE TIG permits high performance on ultra thin surfaces and reduces deformations. It is equipped with temperature, voltage and current sensors for hight protection and it is designed to avoid failures due to voltage spikes as when using diesel generator. With 60% of duty cycle GRAND TIG 400 AC DC PULSE is a strong machine created for every kind of Tig application (petrolchimical plant, food industry, aluminum structures, etc).