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GRAND MIG 501 MULTI SYN – Lokermann

GRAND MIG 501 MULTI SYN is a three phase multi process inverter power source suitable for MMA, TIG DC and MIG synergic welding.


Mig synergic helps the welder to fnd the right parameters with an only one knob. It reduces the machine setup times and decreases welding defects due to the wrong choice of parameters. The control of the waveform increase the stability of the arc, even at low currents. In MMA Mode Arc Force and Hot Start are adjustable in order to permit to the operator to work easily and with excellent results. Antisticking help the welder stopping the welding current when the electrode is glued to the workpiece. Tig lift Dc with its dedicated gas solenoid valve is available to make the machine more flexible. Robustness, ease of use, hight duty cycle (500A 60%), possibility to connect the water cooler unit, multiprocess give to GRAND MIG 501 MULTI SYN all the features for to be a machine with high productivity and with flexibility in all the harder situation suitable for heavy carpentry, petrochemical plants, railway industry etc.