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GRAND ARC 200 PFC – Lokermann

GRAND ARC 200 PFC is an inverter power source for welding application, born for professional usage (X 200A 40%).


It is the greater sister of GRAND ARC 160 PFC and Its greater power allows to weld electrodes up to 5mm diameter. It is an MMA (stick) and Lift TIG welding machine. It is easy to adjust due the digital display.
Hot Start, Antisticking and Arc Force are built in in order to make the MMA welding very easy for the operator. VRD system (Voltage Reduction Device) is a device used for decrease the no load voltage during the stand by to allow to work in environments where security requires limited work voltages (shipyards, oil platforms, etc).
P.F.C (Power Factor Corrector) reduce the harmonic current emissions and increase the power inverter efcency reducing the input current more than 20%.
For the same reason it permit to have higher welding current than a standard inverter using a poor supply network and permit to use a very long supplying cable or a not stabilized line. Small, light and robust, GRAND ARC 200 PFC is ideal for costruction, shipyard, maintenance operations and repairs.