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GRAND ARC 160 CEL – Lokermann

GRAND ARC 160 CEL is an inverter power source for welding usage, born for professional application (X 160A 40%).


It is an MMA (stick) with an high no load voltage that give very good performance with cellulosic electrodes and Lift TIG welding machine. It is easy to adjust thanks to the digital display.
Hot Start, Antisticking and Arc Force are built in in order to make the MMA welding very easy for the operator. It is equipped with temperature, voltage and current sensors for hight protection and it is designed to avoid failures due to voltage spikes as when using diesel generator.
Extremely low weight, small and with very good welding performance, GRAND ARC 160 CEL is ideal for pipe line, maintenance operations, repairs and every type of application when a good quality of welding is required.