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One Machine for All Applications!

The GO-FER® IV is a portable, versatile and robust tractor designed for all your cutting and welding needs. It’s like having three units in one! When used for cutting, you can utilize either oxy-fuel or plasma torches. It can also carry a Plasma torch for gouging. The GO-FER® IV can be used in all positions. The system includes rack & pinion drive and the wheels are secured within the V groove in the sides of the rail. These features allow travel in any plane, even upside down.


When utilized for straight line cutting and beveling with an oxy-fuel torch, this unit includes everything required except the torch itself. The torch holder will accept any standard 1-3/8″ (35mm) diameter machine torch with a 32 pitch gear rack. The quick-action gas manifold mounted to the rear of the machine is used as a strain reliever for the torch hoses and gives the operator the ability to turn the gases on and off without having to readjust the gas flow of the torch. The Cable Anchor provides strain relief for the supply hoses and power cord.

With an ample speed range of 2.5-100 IPM (63.5-2540 MM/MIN) and direct rack and pinion drive, the GO-FER® IV is perfectly designed to work in conjunction with a plasma cutting system. The GO-FER® IV includes a built-in contactor switch to turn the plasma on and off. Easy torch adjustment is provided to make straight plasma cuts and bevels. With the right tip in the plasma torch you can perform mechanized gouging without changing machines.

The Welding Kit provides everything you need for in-process torch adjustment of the vertical and horizontal plane, including the welding support and torch. The fitsall clamp will accept and accommodate any hand held or machine barrel welding gun and allow the operator to position the gun at any angle they desire. The built-in trigger contactor allows the operator to activate the wire feeder from a switch on the top of the unit.

The GO-FER® IV runs on Bug-O’s patented Aluminum Rigid Rail for straight-line travel or Bug-O’s Semi-Flex Rail for diameters of 30′ (9.1 M) or greater. The rail sections are joinable for unlimited run length and are positioned with strong, Rare-Earth, On/Off Magnets or Bug-O Vacuum cup support system for non-ferrous applications.

GO-FER® IV Kits are all in one packages based upon application. Only the welding kit includes a torch. Please see our Product Catalog (pages 9-10) for kit options


  • A drive motor to suit all applications with speeds from 2.5 to 100 ipm (63.5-2540 mm/min)
  • Dynamic braking of motor prevents drift in all positions
  • Bright digital pre-settable travel speed meter for actual ipm
  • Two independent built-in contactors for dual torch applications
  • Large industrial sealed rocker switches (welding glove friendly)
  • Quick–Action Gas manifold, twin-hose assembly and cable anchor
  • Power cord with plug-in lock
  • Torch adjustment racking for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting
  • Low profile case
  • Top Central Carrying Handle
  • Supported by our 3-Year Warranty
  • An International version (GOF-4002) includes a 240v power cord and twist-lock plug
  • Made in USA


Control Pendant Models – An alternate GO-FER® IV model is available with a pendant (pendant cable sold separately). This allows the operator to control and operate the GO-FER® IV from a short distance.

GOF-4100 120 VAC Kit

GOF-4102 240 VAC Kit

GOF-4101 120 VAC Base Machine

GOF-4103 240 VAC Base Machine



  • 3-Hose Assembly (MUG-1119-32) – 32″ Length
  • 3-Hose Manifold (GOF-4025-3)
  • Welding Panograph Assembly (PAN-1007) – Spring-loaded devices that maintains welding torch stand-off and compensates for plate surface irregularities
  • Cutting Panograph Assembly (PAN-1010) – Spring-loaded devices that maintains cutting torch stand-off and compensates for plate surface irregularities
  • Rail Alignment Tool for Aluminum Rigid Rail (ARR-1090) – gauging device for rapid alignment of aluminum rigid rails to joint
  • Rail Alignment Tool for Semi-Flex Rail (AFR-1090) – gauging device for rapid alignment of semi-flex rails to joint
  • Weld Contact Cable (MDS-1085) – 15′ Length
  • Weld Contact Cable (MDS-1085-25) – 25′ Length
  • Weld Contact Cable (MDS-1085-50) – 50′ Length
  • Dual Gun Racking (GOF-4030)
  • Radius Cutting Attachment (GOF-3142) – Enables the Go-fer IV to be quickly changed from a straight line to a circle cutting machine. Size Range: 8″ to 96″ (203 mm to 2438 mm) diameter