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Automatic Circle Welder Increases Production


The CWE-5AX Circle Welder is designed for single pass or multi pass welding of couplings and nozzles on pipe and vessels. The unit is available for SAW, GMAW or FCAW process. The CWE-5AX offers all the same features as the CW-5 as well as a meter kit, torch angle adjuster and flux hopper.


  • GMAW, FCAW and SAW process capabilities
  • 1-12″ (25-300 mm) welding diameter
  • .035-3/32″ (.8-2.4 mm) welding wire size
  • Rotation speed .5-6.0 rpm
  • Meter kit, torch angle adjuster, flux hopper, nozzle and cone
  • Rise and fall cam 0-5″ (0-125 mm)
  • 500 amps 100% duty cycle
  • Burn back control, horizontal and vertical adjustment gun & cable
  • Made in USA


  • Stand Alone Weaver (KBUG-5050) This compact oscillator provides a pendulum weaving motion to the gun. Speed, width and dwells are independently adjustable.
  • Step Adaptor (CWO-3670) The Step Adaptor is a stepped centering device used to center the machine on threaded I.D. couplings. The range of the Step Adaptor is 1/2″ to 4″ (13-102 mm) diameter.
  • Groove Adaptor (CWO-3675) For groove outlets of the following sizes: 1-1/4″ (31.75 mm), 1-1/2″ (38.1 mm), 2″ (50.8 mm), 2-1/2″ (63.5 mm), 3″ (76.2 mm), 4″ (101.6 mm)
  • Cone Adaptor (CWO-5790) The Cone Adaptor is a tapered centering device used to center the machine on pipe stubbies. The range of the Cone Adaptor is 1-1/4″ to 4″ (32-102 mm) diameter.
  • Hillside Kit (CWO-3894) The CWO- 3894 Hillside Kit provides a single rise and fall motion per revolution of the machine to provide the motion required to follow the contour of an offset pipe-to-pipe weld. During standard operation, the cam mechanism of all Bug-O Welders provides a dual rise and fall action per revolution to follow the contour of a pipe-to-pipe weld. Once the Hillside kit is installed on a Bug-O circle welder, the operator can easily engage or disengage it to switch between single or dual rise and fall operation.