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Increase Production for Single Pass, Square or Beveled Hole Cuts.

The CB-3 Circle Burner uses the oxy-fuel cutting process for single pass, square or beveled hole cuts. It is designed for use on vessels, large diameter pipe, domed heads and flat plate. The CB-3 includes a 2-hose oxy-fuel machine torch, adjustable tip adapter, variable speed rotation, vertical and horizontal torch adjustment and rise and fall cam. The CB-3 must be mounted on a column and boom, manipulator or fixture.


The CB-3H Circle Burner has the same features as the CB-3 and includes a hillside kit. This hillside kit is for single rise and fall motion per revolution of the machine to provide the motion required to follow the contour of an offset pipe-to-pipe weld.


  • Oxy-fuel process
  • 1.5″-42″ (38-1067 mm) beveled holes
  • 4″-48″ (102-1219 mm) square cut
  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal torch positioning system
  • Must be mounted to a carriage or manipulator
  • Rise and fall cam 0-7″ (0-178 mm)
  • Application type – domed heads, vessels, large
  • Made in USA