LC1325M Metal And Non-Metal Laser Cutting Machine


It has a broad cutting range, it can cut both metal and nonmetal materials, etc.

Adopted Taiwan TBI Ball Screw, high movement efficiency, low heat, so it can achieve high-speed feed, high precision, excellent durability.

Adopted Panasonic servo motor, high efficiency, low noise, low operating temperature, low radiation electro magnetic radiation, long life, can be used in a variety of environments.

Industry Applications

The machine can satisfy the demands of cutting and engraving large quantity of clothing fabrics, leather, wood, acrylic, paper and other industries.

Technical Parameters

Laser – Type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Laser power 150w 280w
Cutting Area 1300mm x 2500mm
Whole Machine Size 3600 x 1850 x 1300(mm)
Cutting Speed 20m/min
Resetting Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Working Voltage 220V±10%, 50-60Hz
Gross Power 10kw
Operating Temperature 0-45℃
Operating Humidity 5-95%

Laser CO2 LC1325M

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