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Anateco construction services

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Onshore and offshore activities.

Since its establishment, ANATECO has been actively involved in onshore and offshore activities.

ANATECO provides metal solutions, in accordance with the customer’s vision and technical specifications/ requirements, acting either as a turnkey solution provider or as a subcontractor. We always aim to provide our clients with a solution that best suits the needs and functions of the item in question.

As far as our projects are concerned, safety is the number one priority for ANATECO.

The site’s classification for metal solutions in the marine and offshore industries is crucial. Therefore, for every particular project we undertake, we carefully take under consideration all the specific characteristics of that particular site in terms of security. The requirements and regulations vary depending on the type of the ship e.g: trenching vessel, cargo ship, research vessel etc.

This expertise, combined with our commitment to efficiency and high-quality engineering, make us the dedicated and reliable partner for our customers to build excellent facilities, while maintaining their high standards.

Our projects

Ship building, Power plants etc.